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A mindset in which agility is central, with the aim of delivering maximum value for the business at the right time.

Agile DevOps

More and more companies are adopting agile methods and that number is still increasing. Scaling agile is a major concern now that larger companies want agility in large projects or the entire company. They use concepts such as Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and DevOps. This increases the role and dependence on automation with (major) consequences for teams.

Our vision on Agile

We see agile as a mindset to deliver as much value and thus quality as possible; value to some person. The theory is relatively simple, but its implementation is often difficult. There is no standard approach to working agile, because every situation is different. At the same time, the importance of high-quality software is increasing due to the increasing size and complexity of information technology. This requires sufficient knowledge and skills.

Agility is not something that comes naturally. It requires motivated, multidisciplinary teams with a lot of learning capacity. It requires people who embrace self-direction and look together for what works for them. All this only works if you realize that it is not so much a process adjustment, but also requires a culture change. We can help you with this and we are happy to do that with a lot of passion!

In this workshop you will learn to work together intensively and effectively in order to quickly and efficiently draw up the correct specifications and requirements with which it is possible to deliver the right software and (automatically) test it.

Has the agile world seen any improvements in its application of ‘continuous communication’ or is poor communication still the number one reason for projects failing?

What is DevOps?

On the one hand, DevOps can be regarded as a professional movement from a group of people who are convinced that with the right combination of technology and attitude one can actually make a (positive) difference with software development and management.

On the other hand, DevOps is an amalgamation of aspects including automation, metrics and lean (principles). These aspects are relevant for the entire value chain: from idea to software in production. Ultimately this results in a better grip on faster and controlled delivery of quality software.

How can we help you?

DevOps is not an end in itself, but a quest for continuous learning, improvement and application of the right resources in the right context. DevOps is an organizational evolution towards optimal (software) quality throughout the value chain and requires an investment in knowledge, culture and technology. Understanding DevOps is not enough, being able to actually apply the principles is just as important.

But it takes time and energy to bring about this behavioral change (for everyone). It is an “all hands on deck” mentality of development teams and administrators to ensure quality. DevOps ultimately results in fast and reliable software deliveries that are also easily manageable. During your DevOps journey Improve is the tour leader, you choose the route.

There is no standard implementation for DevOps. However, understanding the typical problems that DevOps tries to solve and knowing the right tools and resources helps to better understand and apply DevOps. Think of:

  • how do we realize faster and reliable deployments?
  • why don’t testers, developers and administrators work well together?
  • which DevOps principles help us to deliver quality software?

Improve has everything it takes to help you as a customer to work effectively agile with better quality as a result! Our service provision is ideally a combination of everything we can: advice, coaching, training and secondment of experienced, passionate people who not only execute, but help you and your teams further. In concrete terms, we have developed a serious card game that is aimed at improving the quality within the agile process: AQuA.


We provide training courses that teach your people and teams the essential skills and knowledge. Scrum master and product owner training to learn the basics of methods such as Scrum. But you can also contact us in the field of agile management, DevOps and Behavior Driven Development. Our tailor-made workshops and training courses for testers, programmers, information analysts and teams complete the package.

Why Improve Quality Services?

Improve Quality Services has extensive practical experience with agile working as a trainer, coach, process designer, Scrum Master, Release Train Engineer, Product Owner and Tester at renowned clients. Our consultants have extensive experience in process improvement, coaching and training. Improve is the trainer in the field of agile quality. Improve strives for continuous innovation and regularly provides keynotes, presentations and workshops at leading international conferences.

How can Improve Quality Services help you?

Make an appointment with one of our experts via 040 202 18 03 or via our Contact page.

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