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Quality Engineering is and will remain an important part of the software development and maintenance process.

Quality Engineering

Quality is important, so there are plenty of reasons to tackle testing thoroughly and in a structured manner. But how do you do that? And is there nothing more than just testing? Improve improves the entire quality and testing process within your project or organization. With customization, based on extensive knowledge and experience.

Agile testing

When testing in an Agile development project, not only the tester, but the entire team is responsible for the quality of the product. This requires good cooperation between testers and developers. They work in sprints, often with Scrum as a method for project management. Documentation and test automation have a different function than in traditional project environments. This method is new for many testers. Through training, coaching and assistance with implementation, Improve ensures the necessary changes and allows testers to function more effectively and efficiently.

Improve your knowledge and skills in structured software testing, based on international standards and take an exam for your “ISTQB Foundation Certificate in Software Testing” certification.

In the context of a test framework, a Domain Specific Language is a readable language that uses keywords for quick test development. This allows anyone to write automated tests without any prior programming knowledge.

Context-driven testing

Development is people work, software is complex and the outcome of projects is often difficult to predict. With context-driven testing, you can tailor test objectives, approach and documentation to your specific situation. This way you can seamlessly integrate testing into your process and you know how to deal with complexity, confusion and changing insights. Context-driven testing makes you maximally flexible and therefore always has the highest return.

Test automation

Software continues to increase in size and functionality and is thus becoming increasingly complex. At the same time, you demand an increasingly shorter “time-to-market” with at least the same quality. How do you ensure that? With the implementation of a test process, you may already be taking a good step to guarantee efficient and effective quality and to reduce turnaround time. Having (part of) the test cases automatically executed can be a good or even necessary next step. Improve helps you with the introduction and organization of sustainable test automation.

Test Process Improvement

You notice that a test approach is not (no longer) satisfactory or is missing. You want to start an improvement and implementation process for this. How do you ensure that all your employees familiarize themselves with the new working method? Improve Quality Services has a lot of experience with testing, improvement models such as TPI and TMMi and the implementation thereof. Even when it comes to outsourcing. The (measurable) improvement of the test process and the added value for the business are central to this. Having (part of) the test cases automatically executed can be a good or even necessary next step. Improve helps you with the introduction and organization of sustainable test automation.

Risk analysis with Prisma

Testing everything is impossible in practice. That is why you want to be able to determine what is really important and what really needs to be tested. This is possible with risk-based and requirement-based testing. Improve consultants will help you with this. With the PRISMA tool, which has been developed in collaboration with Philips, we support you in carrying out and documenting a product risk analysis. The result: a graph with four quadrants, which gives you a quick insight into all the risks of a product.

Test plans

A good test plan is a prerequisite for a manageable and high-quality test process. The test plan includes the test strategy, which is determined after an extensive risk analysis. We support in writing a test plan for your project: we help draw up the test strategy, carry out the risk analysis and determining the test budget.

Quality Assurance & Control

Do you want to record your quality assurance in processes? Or do you want to have your processes properly measured by experts? At Improve we have more specialized experts and services in the field of QA & QC.

Why Improve Quality Services?

Improve Quality Services has extensive practical experience with quality engineering as a trainer, coach, process designer, auditor, (agile) tester and test automation specialist for renowned customers. Our consultants have extensive experience in process improvement, coaching and training. Improve is the trainer in the field of quality engineering. Improve strives for continuous innovation and regularly provides keynotes, presentations and workshops at leading international conferences.

How can Improve Quality Services help you?

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