With Quality Assurance you prevent
mistakes in practice

By effectively managing requirements and properly organizing development processes, you keep a grip on the quality of IT.

Prevention and Detection

In the field of quality management, Improve Quality Services offers services in quality assurance (prior to the development process) and quality control (during and after the process). How do you organize QA and QC in such a way that they work effectively?

Quality Assurance

With QA you ensure that the quality of your process is always of a high level. In addition, you control your project in terms of time and money. In the context of QA (quality assurance), Improve provides services at project and organizational level. Think about:

  • drawing up quality plans (SQAP)
  • drafting and implementing standards
  • testing (internal audits) against agreements made
  • drafting quality report
  • advice on processes and standards

You will learn everything in the field of test process improvement, according to the internationally recognized ISTQB standard.

A final farewell to Quality Assurance? Or do we still need software testing and QA in a DevOps future? We ‘ll be taking a look at how DevOps came to be and what role (exploratory) testing can play within the DevOps mindset.

Quality Control

Quality Control

With quality control you continuously measure and analyze during the development process whether your IT product and process comply with what has been agreed internally and with the customer. That can be done in different ways.

  • Auditing

With an audit you obtain an independent and objective opinion on a product, process, project or organization. This provides certainty and clarity and supports you in making the right decisions. If you have Improve perform an IT audit, qualified and experienced Certified Information System Auditors (CISAs) will give you concrete recommendations based on their knowledge and practical experience.

  • Inspections and reviews

Inspections and reviews are a very effective and efficient method for quality improvement. You discover errors early in the development process and prevent them by properly analyzing specifications. Improve Quality Services has practical experience with inspections. We offer quickscans and implementation support in the form of training, moderation and coaching.

  • Software Metrics (GQM)

You want to analyze the effect of a particular improvement measure. Or you want to determine how much time it takes to develop a particular software component. Without insight into these types of factors, it is impossible to control and improve your development process. You get this insight with Software metrics. Improve supports you in setting up and executing measurement programs based on the Goal Question Metric (GQM) method. You can also increase the skills of your employees with training in software metrics and GQM.

How can Improve Quality Services help you?

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