Outsourcen is and will remain
popular in practice

Outsourcing is and will remain popular among companies. Expected results are often not achieved, however. Why is that?

Quality Level Management

Many companies have difficulty controlling quality in the case of outsourcing. Quality is more difficult to define than the schedule and budget. Existing problems with quality control become even more complex with outsourcing. Many possible measures are already known for both outsourcing and quality control. However, until now, they have never been placed in a single framework. Improve has collected these measures in the Quality Level Management model.

The QLM Model

With Quality Level Management, customer and supplier can jointly make (IT-related) products of the desired quality faster and cheaper. This is achieved by:

  • Choosing the right parties,
  • making maximum use of everyone’s qualities and
  • preventing and limiting duplication, rework and quality disputes.

Based on our expertise in test and quality management, we notice that outsourcing projects and models often focus on organizational and process aspects. The product is quickly underexposed. That is why the QLM model does contain these aspects. In addition, a distinction is made between different types of measures: preventive, detective and corrective. Measures are therefore taken at different levels and are different in nature.

The QLM model, and more, is described in the English book “Quality Level Management – Managing Quality in Outsourcing”. The book is intended for managers and consultants who, as a customer or supplier, are looking for a practical model to control quality in an outsourcing relationship. “Quality Level Management – Managing Quality in Outsourcing” was presented by Improve at Eurostar 2012.

Improve helps organizations to manage and improve product quality in outsourcing. We advise, perform audits and provide interim managers. In addition, we provide training and workshops that focus on obtaining and improving quality.

In this training we discuss some measures and apply them to the practical situation of the participants based on the QLM model.

Our series of features on how testing services should work.

What could QLM mean to you?

“I read the book with in my mind the context of an outsourcing project that I attended one year ago. The (too optimistic) business case lost every attractivity after three months and finally the case ended in court. So I recognize a lot when reading your book, and this organization would have been better off when taking your practical QLM-model into practice, together with the outsource partner.”, Gertjan ter Harmsel

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