Why Test automation is becoming increasingly
important in practice

Software is becoming increasingly complex and the pressure on organizations to bring products to market faster.

Test automation

That is why products are increasingly being developed incrementally and / or iteratively (think of agile and DevOps). This method of development requires continuous insight into the operation and quality of the software to be delivered, and regression tests are more important than ever. Test automation is therefore no longer a convenience but a necessity in a fast-paced world to make software that works correctly and also offers the right functionality.

The benefits

Benefits of test automation can include:

  • Quick feedback on the status of the product
  • Increasing the test coverage
  • Increase the testing possibilities
  • Outsource boring repetitive work to tools
  • Generation of test data
  • Setting up and rolling out test environments

Automating testing requires knowledge and craftsmanship. A test automator is someone who can automate and is test-minded. Someone who understands at what level of abstraction a developer works and understands the way a tester thinks. He or she can also translate this into maintainable solutions for both, which connect to each other.

You will learn about and practice developing test automation, deployment and improvement according to the internationally recognized ISTQB standard. The training prepares you for the ISTQB Advanced Test Automation Engineer exam.

The theme of this Agile Record is “test-driven development”. TDD is a method of learning while writing clean, maintainable, highquality code.

Our approach

Test automation requires a vision, strategy and architecture that suits your organization. Test automation can only be successful by adapting it. This requires technical and organizational solutions. Many existing options in the field of tools and automation are often already available. Save costs through smart reuse of these technical solutions. With the right strategy and architecture, test automation is sustainable and effective in the long term.

We start with an analysis of the current architecture, the ICT landscape and the organization. Based on this analysis, we draw up a strategy for the introduction of test automation. This is followed by a tool choice and the actual setup of your test automation and framework. Finally, the actual checks are automated, which of course includes the management and maintenance of the automated test suite.

How can we help you?

Improve Quality Services can be of service to you in many ways. We can take everything off your hands by setting up and organizing test automation within your organization. We would much rather work with you and train your employees. Our experts advise and coach. It is important that the approach is safeguarded in your organization.

Our services consist of:

  • Training & workshops
  • Advice and Consultancy
  • Development and implementation of tools and framework
  • Coaching on the job
  • Interim services

Improve has already successfully set up, supervised and executed test automation projects for many customers in various sectors. We are independent of tools and suppliers and have many years of experience with both commercial and open source tooling in a wide variety of architectures, sectors and organizations.


In our training program we distinguish 3 training courses in the field of Test Automation:

ISTQB Advanced Test Automation Engineer

A certification training, aimed at testers who want to know more about the use and setting up of test automation. Two days of hands-on simulations together with fellow testers, concluded with a third day that mainly prepares for the exam.

The Test Minded Automater

For developers who want to learn how to automate tests in a maintainable and efficient way, which tools are most suitable for this and how you can use them. A three-day practical training in which the automation of low-level unit tests is discussed, also attention is paid to the over-all test strategy, design for testability and testing APIs and GUIs. With a trip to Exploratory testing. Of course, many well-known tools and suites will pass by.

The Automation Minded Tester

For testers who want to learn how to automate tests in a maintainable and efficient manner, which type of tools are most suitable for this and how to use them. A three-day DIY training in which we start with the basic principles of development. Attention is paid to unit tests, but especially also to testing APIs and GUIs. With a trip to Business Driven Development. Of course, many well-known tools and suites will pass by.

We also provide various training in the field of performance and tooling for functional testing such as Selenium Foundation, Java for tester, C # for testers and Python for testers.

How can Improve Quality Services help you?

Make an appointment with one of our experts via 040 202 18 03 or via our Contact page.

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