Security by
experts and practical expertise

Our consultants and interim workers come from practice. By combining up-to-date security knowledge with knowledge of your practice, they help you become even safer.

Security matters

We digitize everything we can. Security is therefore increasingly an important topic of discussion. For higher management and for engineers.

Our vision on Security

What do you prefer; the fire brigade on the floor to extinguish your house or ensure that no fire starts? Hacking and Pen testing are of course Super-Matrix-cool, but good firewalls and secure code keep the hackers out. We believe prevention is better than cure. We also believe that security starts with a thorough risk analysis and ends with continuous monitoring and further training. This field never stops!

A certifying training on security, virtual classroom, four days with an internationally renowned trainer.

Remember the bad performance and security of Or the hack on Facebook? 

Our services


Our consultants work closely with the consultancy of fellow companies and the ICT Group. Together we can offer everything to keep your organization secure. We offer risk assessments to find the gaps in your organization, processes, hardware and software. We offer advice and solutions to close the gaps and courses to teach you to do it yourself. From ISO27001 to Secure Development Life Cycle. From Threat Model to Secure code. From OWASP to Advanced Security testing. We are happy to help you: Consult.Train.Practice.

Our courses

Improve offers a coherent set of courses in the field of Security.

For the overview, we naturally offer the Certified Information Systems Security Officer (CISSP) training. If you want a solid theoretical basis in the field of security and infrastructure, then we have the Cyber and IT Security Foundation training for you. Would you like to know what secure code is and how to develop it: Secure Programming Foundation. Would you like to know how best to test to ensure your security; ISTQB Advanced Security Tester.

And do you really want to start your own organization? Want to see where the real risks lie for you and where it is best to start to keep things safe and under control? Then follow Foundation of Security: The Threat Model.

Why Improve Quality Services

Improve Quality Services has extensive practical experience with security as a trainer, coach, process designer and tester with renowned customers. Our consultants have extensive experience in process improvement, coaching and training. Improve is your trainer in the field of security. Improve strives for continuous innovation and regularly provides keynotes, presentations and workshops at leading conferences.

How can Improve Quality Services help you?

Make an appointment with one of our experts via 040 202 18 03 or via our Contact page.

consult. train. practice. Improve.

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