Making Test Frameworks Readable: The Domain Specific Language

Bas Dijkstra, september 2020
What is a Domain Specific Language you ask? In the context of a test framework, a Domain Specific Language is a readable language that uses keywords for quick test development. This allows anyone to write automated tests without any prior programming knowledge.

Why Domain Specific Language

Why I want to talk about this? Well, recently I dedicated my time to develop in a custom test framework of a big Belgian bank. And I noticed they used a custom DSL.

This Domain Specific Language allowed any third party to use the test framework within their own project and without the need for any prior programming knowledge.

This changed my view on how testing should be performed in medium to large size companies. It is not the first time I heard of it. Nor had I seen it implemented for the first time. The difference was, it was done in a smart way.

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