Requirements creep: the ideal pocketknife with 3000 functions (35)

This weekend, while driving in my car, I was listening to some music I have on a usb stick. Just randomly playing all kind of old stuff I have collected over the years. On that usb stick there is also a pretty large collection of sketches from ‘Mannen van de Radio’, or translated ‘Men of the Radio’. The Men of the Radio is a (Dutch) series of absurdist radio sketches from the VPRO radio program De Avonden. Between 1995 and 1997 comedians Pieter Bouwman, Hans Teeuwen (and sometimes Theo Maassen) improvised a bit about the most diverse, but often bizarre subjects. And when I say absurd and bizarre, I do not exaggerate. The skit I was listening to, reminded me of something most of us have seen and experienced in real life: requirements creep.

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