The Future of Software Testing, in: The Future of Software Quality Assurance

Kaspar van Dam, november 2020

A Chapter in the book The Future of Software Quality Assurance, by Stephan Goericke, in honor of the anniversary of iSQI.

Many articles have been written on this topic. Many people have been trying to predict the future of software testing. Only time can tell who’s right and who’s wrong. Being a software tester today and a former archaeology student, I’ve decided to start digging in the past of Software Testing in an attempt to predict the future of this profession. What will change? What will stay the same? And what things from the past might resurface? Let’s make a timeline starting around 20 years ago in 1998 (which is the moment when I myself started digging around in the world of computers and software) and try to stretch this all the way to 20 years in the future with 10-year intervals.

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