Background and work experience

Harm Jan works with Agile methods since 2004. He studied Management and Organisations and helps organisations improve themselves via Lean and Agile ways of working. Improvement is aimed at high quality products, higher customer value, a shorter lead time, improved employee collaboration and higher effectives, both within the organisation as with external stakeholders and customers.

Harm Jan is an experienced consultant, trainer and coach He uses to give a lot of project management and Lean courses. He now focusses mostly on Lean and Agile as a better way of reaching higher collaboration and better value for customers is n this already 25 years old way of working.

Recently he started giving courses and workshop about ‘scaling agile’ to help organisations in their struggle to scale agile way of working within their company. He explain how this can be done and what evidence based proven steps can be taken to scale with  common frameworks (e.g. SAFe, Scaling Scrum with Nexus and LeSS).

Certificates and accreditations

Harm Jan is an accredited EXIN trainer and examinator for several EXIN courses like the EXIN Agile Scrum Foundation, Scrum master, Product owner and EXIN Agile Business Professional.

Harm Jan is also a trainer for Scrum Master and Product owner (foundation and advanced level) certification for either EXIN or He also works as a personal coach to prepare for role specific examinations like: SM, PO, and SAFe roles like product and portfolio manager, RTE, Epic of Business Owners etc.



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