Training forms

At Improve you not only learn from your teacher, but from other participants as well. With this in mind, we fit your learning goals and knowledge level with the other participants in all training methods. This way you achieve an optimal result. Do you want to ensure that application in the practice of your organization is central during training? Choose from one of the following learning paths:

  • Classroom open enrollment: most courses take place 4 to 8 times a year. You take note of current developments and receive practical exercises. We also provide these training courses online in a virtual classroom.
  • Classroom in-house: with tailor-made training, we optimally align your learning goals with your practice. Training courses are possible in Dutch or English. (Also available online)
  • Guidance and coaching: increase effectiveness by putting everything you have learned into practice post training with coaching or counseling.
  • E-learning: we offer various training courses as a professional e-learning module. You learn in a professional environment— when and where you want.

Learning pathways

You want to get the best result from a training. And you want to ensure that your daily practice is central during the training. With this in mind, set your team on a learning path. With a learning trajectory you achieve optimal results from the training investment. We tailor the learning process program specifically for your organization, combining various training forms. For example, we can follow an in-house training with on-the-job coaching, putting learning into real world practice.

Tailor-made training

Do you want to train several people simultaneously? Or do you have specific content wishes? Then consider tailor-made training on location. Together we will examine who will follow the training and which changes can help participants work effectively. Improve Quality Services translates issues into learning objectives. If applicable, we monitor that the customized training continues to meet the exam requirements of ISTQB, IREB or TMMi. Our training expert then designs the program, integrally and innovatively:

  • Integrated: every tailor-made course has a pre- and post-trajectory. We ask participants in advance to share practical experiences. Afterwards, we give participants feedback on applying the teaching material in their own practice.
  • Innovative: we include the current developments from the field of the program, continuously seek interaction with participants and utilize new media where possible.

What does a training at Improve cost?

Initially, you invest time to follow a course: a course often lasts one or more half-days. When customizing a program, you also take time to consider the learning goals and program structure. You also pay for the teacher, the development of the training, the meetings and possibly the follow-up process.

Do you want extra coaching? Coaching in the workplace is cheaper than you think: because you work better, you lose less productive hours.

What does a training yield?

Each training provides a practical answer to the issues within your organization. Participants in Improve training courses often begin applying new knowledge to their own practice during the training, under the guidance of an expert. Afterwards, they do their job better: Optimal return on your investment budget!

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