Agile Scrum; The Role of the Team

Michael Phillips, oktober 2020

Successful teams are built on personalities, not only technical skills! A development team is not just a collection of people; it’s a group of people.

Working together

The Development Team includes only developers; developers are programmers, T-shaped testers, business analysts and designers. They work together to build the products required by the Product Owner, who works on behalf of stakeholders. The important thing here is working together. The team manages its own work; the team decides which User Stories to build in which sprint, and how to build them. The development team should usually be between 3 and 9 developers, but experience shows that teams of 5 to 7 are most effective.

Everybody is responsible

A Development Team is not simply a collection of developers; it’s a group of people. This might sound obvious, but it’s something we can often forget in ICT. Developers have hopes, fears and dreams. Some like to work individually, but in a team they can produce great work by getting advice and help from other team members. Some like to work together with others, perhaps in pair programming or team refinement, but they need to be given the time and space to develop. It’s usual for a Scrum Team to be located in one room, but that’s not always possible, especially in these times of Covid-19 where we have much less time together; this makes teambuilding a real challenge.

However, teamwork is not simply the responsibility of the Scrum Master; it’s the responsibility of every team member. Team members should offer help to each other and not wait to be asked to help. Sometimes you can offer to help on a User Story where you have limited knowledge; you can help with testing or with reviewing documents; this helps spread knowledge within the team and helps to create a strong team feeling

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