Edward de Bono (47)

On June 9th 2021 Edward de Bono passed away. De Bono was a psychologist, physician, philosopher, and a productive writer. He is probably most know for the term ‘lateral thinking’ which he invented. Requirements engineers often know him from his book ‘Six Thinking Hats’ or from the methods Plus-Minus-Interesting (PMI) and Consider All Factors (CAF). I think promoting ’teaching of thinking’ in schools is one of his major achievements. Over the years De Bono wrote 85 books of which I only read three. ‘Simplicity’ (1999) must have been the first, and after that ‘De Bono’s Thinking Course’ (1982) (in which PMI and CAF are described, methods that are taught in IREB CPRE trainings) and ‘Six Thinking Hats’ (1985).

Triggered by some comment on De Bono’s later work being too commercial (he made a move from science to consultancy) I decided to reread part of his ‘Thinking Course’.

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