Let’s Test Quiz

Huib Schoots, May 2015

During this experiential workshop participants are challenged to put together a quiz show. Anything goes: create questions about testing, build exercises to test skills, research historic events, interview other people to find out what is interesting, come up with new ideas, and so on.

This workshop will have three sessions: creating the quiz, running the quiz, and learning from it.


In an evening session the participants will run the show for interested attendees (of course with beers!). Here participants will learn more about the effectiveness, difficulty and attractiveness of the exercises and challenges created. The participants will learn a lot regarding testing skills: what they are and how to teach and quiz them. Along the way they also experience learning in problem solving, team dynamics, decision-making and presentation skills to name a few.


In the third session we will gather the notes of observations of the night before and discuss some ways to overcome challenges.


This workshop touches on everything the Let’s Test Conference is about: exchanging opinions and ideas in the field of testing. Our goal is that everyone will leave the conference high in spirit and with new ideas. This workshop helps accomplish this. Attendees will mingle, approach others to facilitate conversation, ask questions, interact and explore possibilities.

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