Testability for the win

Huib Schoots, september 2020

Agile comes with a bunch of cool new methods like TDD, ATDD and BDD. There is a lot of focus on automating testing.

Creating a huge amount of automated checks, that will be executed every time code is integrated, is an appealing and comforting thought. But there is much more to do to cover the whole spectrum of testing. This is where excellent testers contribute with lots of value. They are set out to find new information about the software by exploration and learning.

Teams want to go fast and often products are complex, testing is hard and takes too much time. It is said that testing cannot keep up with development. Testers are not able to keep up with the pace of development. But is this really true? When conducting projects in an agile context the whole team is supposed to be responsible for getting things done together. Programmers are equally responsible for testing as any other member of the team.

So how can we make this work? Testability, how easy a product can be tested, helps teams go faster! Low testability, anything that makes our software hard to test, slows teams down. On the other hand, high testability helps the team go faster. In this talk Huib will introduce Rapid Software Testing to help teams make better software faster. Rapid Testing emphasises skill development, critical thinking and heuristic methods. Specifically he will focus on testability to help teams make better software faster!

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