The Agile WoW at an Energy company

Innogy is the international parent company of well-known brands such as Essent and At Innogy, every day we work towards a sustainable future by not only generating energy from renewable sources such as the sun and wind, but also by coming up with innovative solutions to use energy in a smarter way. The apps from Essent and should also contribute to this by providing insight into consumption and possible savings.

A consultant from Improve has started at Innogy to guide and coach the app teams in the Agile way of working. The assignment was multifaceted. It was chaotic in the teams and confidence was low. To make the teams more stable and also more predictable, the consultant has applied fewer rules, by first letting go of the reins and letting the team “deliver” again based on confidence. That trust makes it easier for a team to commit and achieve (self-set) goals. The client ultimately wanted to transfer the activities of these teams to a nearshore partner. To do this, the working method had to be transparent, predictable and transferable. Our consultant guided the teams to move from two teams to one team with a shared code base. The last part of the assignment was to transfer the work of the now merged team to the near-shore partner and to guide their own organization in the new form of cooperation.

This assignment was characterized by the fact that trust, safety and motivation play a major role. In an Agile / Scrum environment our consultants always work on growing teams. When it is clear that the team is going to stop, this element of “growth” disappears and other means must be used to keep the team motivated. Openness and transparency about the process and everyone’s role are the keys to success.

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