These 5 tips are for Protractor beginners

Bas Dijkstra, oktober 2019

Not so long ago I was asked to help a scale-up company find bugs in their Angular SaaS platform and try to 1-up their overall product quality. They have numerous big clients but the bugs are just waiting to pop up unexpectedly, waiting to hurt their overall platform image.

Great! So how would you for instance create end-2-end tests for it? Well, actually with almost any other website, you would’ve used Selenium. However, in the case of Angular, the guys at made an awesome framework build around Selenium to create your own tests for your Angular application.

As you might know Angular has 2-way binding so the webpage is dynamic. Protractor helps you with the painstaking task to wait for results to test on. So inefficient sleep functions are of the past.

In the recent weeks working for this scale-up I had some insights that really could help any new Protractor user. So here are my 5 tips. Most of the tips are not only Protractor test framework tips but also tips in general for your project. You’re free to ignore them but that might cause frustration later in your project 😶

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