Where words fail, music speaks

Alexandra Schladebeck and Huib Schoots, March 2015

The title is a quote by Hans Christian Andersen who is of course best known for his fairy tales. Less well known is that he also was a great music lover who worked with and inspired several composers.

His quote reminds us that when you can’t say something, you can let music explain how you feel. Music can give your words a new tone, a new viewpoint. Music is very powerful.

In this keynote music lovers Alexandra Schladebeck (violin) and Huib Schoots (trombone) will take the audience on an exploration for artistic parallels between music and their other passion: agile testing.

Using music and musical theory as a metaphor they will touch on topics like culture, testing, agile, learning, fast feedback, teamwork and team building. What can testers and people in agile teams learn from how musicians learn and work? And what about quality and improvisations in music?

They won’t just be talking about music though – they will also perform live on stage to show that there are many interesting things we can take away from music in our daily agile testing practice.

An entertaining and interactive performance with a serious undertone!

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