AiU Certified GenAI-Assisted Test Engineer (GenAiA-TE)

AiU Certified GenAI-Assisted Test Engineer (GenAiA-TE)

In this exclusive course we will introduce you to the use of AI tools in Software Testing. AI tools can help you to test more effectively, efficiently and quickly, and this course will give you the skills to get ahead of the competition! Remember; you’re not likely to be replaced by AI, but you could be replaced by a skilled person using AI! The course will be given by leading lights in Testing in the Netherlands, and by researchers working on AI right now.

As a tester you already know the importance of good coverage and depth in your tests, and AI tools like ChatGPT, Claude and Gemini can help you with this. If you learn to use prompts properly you can achieve a level of coverage and depth that would cost you many hours without an AI tool. You can also use the tooling to generate test reports for you stakeholders, and to report incidents in such a way that they will quickly be picked up by developers.

This course is a little different to many others where a classroom teacher shows a presentation and then gives a few examples for exercise; in this course, practical exercises guide your learning so you can apply the knowledge immediately and you can experiment with the tooling. Each exercise is followed by some discussion so you can learn from your fellow testers and build practical skills AND theoretical understanding.

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