BDD Masterclass EN

Become a BDD specialist with this exclusive masterclass

Learn from the best Behavior Driven Development (BDD) trainers and experts in the Netherlands and get certified with internationally recognized courses such as CARE (Capturing Agile Requirements by Example) and ISTQB® Test Automation Engineer. This masterclass will help you start your new role as a BDD specialist and grow further

After this training, you will:

  • Persuade your organization to adopt BDD and reap its benefits
  • Be able to plan and execute the implementation of BDD in your organization
  • Use various methods and techniques such as Behavior Driven Development, Impact Mapping, Event Storming, Example Mapping and Specification by Example
  • Create and use a Domain Specific Language Model (DSL) for your project
  • Establish a Test Automation Architecture (TAA) that suits your business needs
  • Design test automation solutions that meet the requirements of the business
  • Support your organization in developing software that delivers value to your end users, with automated testing and Living Documentation
  • Earn the following certificates upon passing the exams: CARE Practitioner; ISTQB Advanced Test Automation Engineer; Improve BDD Specialist
  • You will receive the following certificates when passing the exams:
    • CARE Practitioner
    • ISTQB Advanced Test Automation Engineer
    • Improve BDD Specialist

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