Capturing Agile Requirements by Example (CARE) EN

As a (business) analyst, developer, tester or otherwise involved in an agile team you know the importance of having the right requirements to get to the right software. It’s also clear to you that this software needs to meet the required quality demands. In this workshop you’ll learn to intensively and efficiently collaborate in order to get to the right specifications and requirements fast, which makes it possible to deliver the right software and to (automatically) test it. That way you’re ensured the actual specifications are realised and products are being delivered an end-user really CAREs about.

After this training:

  • You know which techniques you can apply that help realise high quality user stories / Agile Requirements;
  • You can apply techniques that empower a collectively shared understanding of the work to be realised;
  • You can make a start with the implementation of CARE in an agile team;
  • You can explain the properties of the different work forms;
  • You can coach / guide teams with work forms like Impact Mapping, Event Storming, Example Mapping and Specification by Example;
  • And you can contribute to the realisation (designing, building and (automated) testing) of software an end-user really CAREs about.

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