ISTQB Advanced Test Manager EN

You will learn everything in the field of test management, reviews, management tools and test process improvement according to the internationally recognized ISTQB standard and will be prepared for the exam ISTQB Advanced Test Manager.

After this training:

  • You can create a test project by implementing a mission, set goals and organize test processes for the organization
  • You can organize risk identification and –analysis sessions and use the results for test budget, planning, management and adjustment
  • You can create test plans and implement them in line with the organization’s policy and testing strategies
  • You can continuously monitor test activities and adjustments to achieve the project goals
  • You can assess the relevance and current status of the testing and report it
  • You can assess the skills of your testers for the team and participate in recruitment
  • You can identify and plan what skills should be developed in a team
  • You can provide a business case for testing activities, including costs and benefits
  • You can ensure there is good communication between team members and other stakeholders
  • You can participate in and lead testing process improvement activities

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