ISTQB® Full Advanced EN

Become a certified test professional with ISTQB® Full Advanced training

You will learn everything in the field of test management, test analysis, and technical test analysis according to the internationally recognized ISTQB standard.

After this training, you will:

  • Perform risk analysis and design a test strategy that suits a project context
  • Create a test plan that follows the IEEE 829 standard
  • Lead a test project effectively and efficiently
  • Lead reviews and develop a review strategy that ensures quality and consistency
  • Select and implement test tools that support your test process and objectives
  • Conduct test process improvement activities based on the TMMi® and TPI Next® models and identify areas for improvement
  • Apply structured black-box and white-box test techniques in real scenarios and evaluate their effectiveness
  • Perform exploratory testing and apply other informal test techniques
  • Participate in reviews related to testability, provide feedback and suggestions to improve the quality
  • Conduct usability testing and assess the user experience and satisfaction
  • Provide advice on non-functional test techniques
  • Start automating test execution using keyword-driven testing and reduce manual effort and errors

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