Rapid Software Testing Explored EN

Skills and mindset for excellent testing

Development is the work of human beings, software is complex and projects evolve unpredictably. With hardly enough information available the team has to develop a product. Testing should have started yesterday. The basis for these tests will be obsolete tomorrow. Context-driven testing means that test goals, approach and documentation are based on the details of your specific situation. Skills and experience exceed the use of a standard recipe.

After this training:

  • You will know that the brain of the tester is his most important tool.
  • You can think and talk about testing with self-confidence.
  • You will know how context influences your decisions and how both continuously change.
  • You can test efficiently and with a clear mission even in case of minimal preparation.
  • You can execute meaningful tests in case of incomplete or even complete lack of documentation.
  • You can deal with overwhelming complexity, confusion and ambiguity.
  • You can use heuristics and models to support and structure the process.
  • You can report credibly at any time by telling a good story about testing.

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