Rapid Software Testing for Managers EN

A mission-focused, credible, and accountable approach to test management that is very fast, very inexpensive, and that delivers excellent results.

  • Are you a new test manager?
  • Are you an experienced test manager, being pressured to make testing faster and less expensive?
  • Are you finding that traditional, “best-practice” approaches to testing are making testing slower and more expensive than your clients demand?
  • Are you being asked to manage a test group for an organization that’s moving to Scrum or other Agile methodologies?
  • Are you a project manager with responsibility for managing or directing an offshore outsource testing group?
  • Are you managing an offshore or outsource testing group, and trying to provide the best value for your clients?
  • Are you struggling with measuring and managing the performance of your test team?
  • Are you finding it difficult to report the status of testing on your project?
  • Are you having trouble setting the right balance between planning, documentation, and testing?
  • Are you trying to figure out how to recruit, select, or train a skilled and diversified test team?
  • Do you want to get very good at managing the software testing effort?

Rapid Software Testing for Managers is designed to help you solve these problems. Based on the Rapid Software Testing course and methodology, and on the practices developed by James Bach, Dr. Cem Kaner, and Michael Bolton, this class answers key questions about how to staff, plan, and run testing projects more quickly, less expensively, and entirely accountably.

The skills presented in this class are applicable in any kind of test project, from agile to traditional, but will be especially valuable in those projects where time and resources are scarce.

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