Scaling Agile EN

Much gains can be made if the entire production chain is optimized and work is properly coordinated and the value chain as a whole is aligned.

After this training:

  • you have the knowledge that is necessary to recognize which coordination and coordination problems are or may arise.
  • knowledge of different agile scaling methods, from light to heavy.
  • you know the differences and advantages of the different frameworks.
  • you know how to apply the underlying Agile principles to horizontal or vertical scaling of teams in an organization. an idea of ​​the application of which model in which environment.
  • you know how to explain the different scaling techniques are for eg customers, users and other organizational units and various stakeholders.
  • you have gained insight that scaling is not a goal but a means to achieve a product or customer goal.
  • you can identify a picture of barriers, anomalies, hurdles and other obstacles that affect progress.
  • you have the knowledge to apply it to your situation – in training and in practice.
  • you can distinguish between other Agile frameworks and methods, including Nexus, LeSS, SAFe and many others.
  • you know how you can support a Lean-Agile transformation in your organization.

In short: then you can guide an Agile Scaling.

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