Scrum Product Owner EN

With EXIN or certification.

After this training:

  • You will have a good understanding of the Agile philosophy and the Scrum framework and in specific the Scrum Product Owner role
  • You know when Agile is applicable in your organization
  • You will understand how you can use and implement Scrum in your organization
  • You will understand what it takes to create better products with a higher customer value in a new way as a servant for the product owner and the team
  • You will know all the roles, rules and artefacts of the Scrum framework,Events, Estimation, Inspect and Adapt-routines
  • You know what the role of Product owner is about and know its responsibilities
  • You are able to produce a product vision and prepare a product backlog
  • Can analyse different scenario’s to build a business case for most valuable production and delivery
  • Recognise and manage impediments, deviations and several hindrances that might stagnate the product development progress
  • Explain how to monitor and evaluate project delivery progress and how to prepare actions to guide the team.
  • Explain what stakeholder management entails
  • Know about different Agile-frameworks and methods like: Crystal, Extreme Programming (XP), DSDM, LeSS, Scaling agile (Nexus, SAFe) and Kanban
  • You will have gained enough knowledge to take the exam and get certified

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