Scrum Product Owner EN

Become a certified Product Owner and master the Scrum framework.

This training is for anyone who wants to learn how to deliver valuable products to their customers using the Agile and Scrum methodology. You will learn how to define the product vision, prepare the backlog, prioritize the features, identify and overcome obstacles, monitor the progress, manage the stakeholders, collaborate with the customers, users, and other parties, and finally pass the PSPO I exam.

After this training, you will:

  • Be able to explain how the Product Owner role fits within the Scrum framework
  • Explain the tasks and responsibilities of the Product Owner role
  • Create the product vision and prepare the product backlog
  • Analyze and prioritize the features with the most business value
  • Identify and overcome impediments, deviations, hindrances, and other obstacles that affect the progress
  • Explain how to monitor the progress and take action on the results
  • Understand how stakeholder management works and what role you play in it
  • Explain how to collaborate with customers, users, and other stakeholders to deliver the maximum value
  • Successfully pass the exam and obtain the PSPO I certificate

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