TMAP® Quality for Cross-Functional Teams EN

Embark on a journey of quality assurance with our training specifically designed for high-performance IT delivery teams such as DevOps and Scrum

This training is crafted to equip you with the essential knowledge and skills required to infuse quality into your IT system, instilling the confidence that the desired business value can be delivered.

After this training, you will:

  • Know the VOICE model, a key to unlocking business value through IT delivery
  • Be acquainted with various IT delivery models, with a special focus on DevOps
  • Have knowledge on the dynamics of cross-functional teams and the art of continuous quality engineering
  • Have knowledge on the ‘whole-team’ approach and its significance for Dev and Ops personnel
  • Be familiar with various QA and test topics including reviewing, pull requests, and continuous improvement
  • Know the concept of ‘Continuous everything’, test automation, and the CI/CD pipeline
  • The total cost of quality
  • Be acquainted with indicators, reporting, and alerting mechanisms
  • Know some quality measures
  • Develop personal, interpersonal, and team skills
  • Have knowledge on different types of testing (performance, usability, security testing, and more)
  • Experience-based testing: exploratory testing and mobile testing
  • Adress several test design techniques: boundary value analysis, path coverage, condition-based testing, code coverage, and mutation testing

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