Agile working while staying home

Kaspar van Dam, september 2020

Some time ago I did a webinar in collaboration with iSQI GmbH about Agile working while staying at home. Now, a lot of people have been telling and writing about this lately. But I didn’t want to be the next person sharing some good-intended advise on how to work from home..

What has changed?

I wanted to share some thoughts and science behind the psychology that’s running the show right now. Because most of us know (or think) that working from home in a fast changing, fast pacing Agile environment is usually a disaster waiting to happen… But a lot of us also found out that it actually does work pretty well now that a crisis is forcing us to work from home!

How is this possible? What’s different now? It’s all about our brains, about changing habits and the power of a crisis.

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