Dealing with context change

Huib Schoots, February 2015

The first principle of context-driven testing is: “The value of any practice depends on its context.”

James Bach defined context in his keynote at Let’s Test in 2013 as “All the factors that significantly influence the problems and solutions that lie within the scope of their mission.”

How do you analyze your context? What factors are influential and how do you model these? And once you know your context how do you use this information to adjust your testing to this context?

In this interactive and challenging track you will find out what context means and what factors matter.

We will also learn how models like the heuristic test strategy model from Rapid Software Testing and visualization techniques like “the product ecology” developed by Ruud Cox can be used to resolve this context analysis problem.

You will find that factors you haven’t anticipated may play a unexpected role while you are testing your product.

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