Background and work experience

Since 2001, Paul has gained extensive experience in all aspects of IT. He initially built a broad foundation in infrastructure management at the beginning of his career and then gained significant experience in software development in roles such as business/information analyst, team leader, product owner, and requirements engineer. In all these roles, he guards the overview and switches between different levels and areas of expertise. He values connecting the people involved. By facilitating effective communication among all stakeholders he ensures the achievement of shared results.

A few years ago, Paul became enthusiastic about the BDD (Behavior-Driven Development) approach. This led to a widespread implementation of the BDD methodology at the company where he was working at the time. He carries this enthusiasm into his training sessions to instill the BDD mindset in everyone and guide them in practical application.

Certificates and accreditations

Paul holds the following certificates: Professional Product Owner (PSPO-I) and IREB Foundation.


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