TMMi: Test Maturity Model integration EN

TMMI helps you determine what needs to be addressed and corrected within your testing process. A structured test method, such as TMap Next or ISTQB, helps you determine how to implement the foregoing. During this course you will also learn the relationship between TMMi and ISTQB / TMap Next, ans some good ISTQB / TMap Next pratices will be handed to achieve TMMi level 5.

After this training:

  • You know the different definitions of structured testing and test their relationship with maturity.
  • You know the need to improve the testing process, the main models and relationships with software process improvement;
  • You know the different levels of TMMi model;
  • You know the relationship of TMMi with ISTQB / TMap Next and specific ISTQB / TMap testing practices to implement TMMi process areas;
  • You improve the role and importance of metrics in test process improvement and within TMMi;
  • You perform formal and informal TMMi assessments.

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