Serious Escape Room

Learn and Play: Discover the principles of
effective software development within an Agile team

Experience the ultimate team adventure in Beer
Are Your Drinking Legal (BAYDL), where the essence of success lies in the heart
of teamwork. This Serious Escape Room is more than a game; it is a journey of
collaboration, competition, and fun. Imagine: you and your team dive into a
world where every decision matters and where you have to work together to fix
the build pipeline and launch the application successfully. But that’s not all.

Compete against other teams in exciting
challenges to see who can overcome the obstacles faster and more efficiently.
This dynamic environment tests not only your technical skills in CI/CD,
testing, releasing, and quality control, but also your ability to function as a
unit, think strategically, and learn from every step you take.

With a mix of humor and serious learning goals,
this is the perfect setting for a team building session that is both engaging
and educational. Whether you are looking for a fun team building activity with
depth or an inspiring and educational afternoon for knowledge sharing, this
Serious Escape Room offers it all. Are you ready to discover the power of
teamwork and enjoy a unique, informative experience? If so, this is the perfect
activity for your team!


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