iSQI® Certified Agile Business Analyst (CABA)

Learn how to become a successful Business Analyst in Agile projects

Business Analysts play a vital role in Agile projects, even though their role is not clearly defined in the Agile methodology. In this two-day, internationally accredited training, you will learn the skills, knowledge and practical experience you need to excel as a Business Analyst in the Agile world.

After this training:

  • You have knowledge of the Agile manifesto and Agile software development;
  • You have knowledge of the SCRUM methodology and understanding of the role of testing in SCRUM;
  • You understand key Agile test practices and know how to apply these;
  • You have an overview of case studies from various areas in which it agile testing is applied;
  • You know how test techniques (among others Exploratory Testing) can be used in agile projects;
  • You understand the changing role of the Agile tester compared to a traditional setting.



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