Introduction Quality Level Management EN

Managing outsourcing with the QLM model

Outsourcing is a hot topic. Unfortunately it often does not result in meeting the goals or expectations in terms of budget and deadlines, nor in terms of quality. Existing challenges in managing quality become more challenging in case of outsourcing. There are numerous solutions already widely available for both managing quality and managing outsourcing relationships. Until now there was not one universal framework to approach these challenges and solutions. Improve Quality Services has addressed these solutions in a new practical model: the Quality Level Management-model.

After this training:

  • You know the basic concepts of QLM and the QLM- model.
  • You know the levels at which measures can be taken.
  • You know the types of measures that can be taken.
  • You know how to apply the model.
  • You can apply specific measures.
  • You can set up a QLM-plan.
  • You can manage a QLM-plan.

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